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In Xinyi's body of work, they use mainly oil painting, sometimes watercolor painting and pastel drawing to grasp the mystery of dream and the feeling and experience of the inner self.

Xinyi portrays dreams in a way that depicts the relationship between the human body and nature. Through their experience of their own dreams and the descriptions and feelings of those around me, they reflect in their work the communication between the self and the subconscious mind in dreams, and the subtle influence of physical and psychic memories on the self's experience and perception in unconscious situations. Xinyi also refers to Jungian psychology's analysis of dreams, philosophers such as Aristotle and Nietzsche's interpretation of the truth of the world, and traditional Chinese culture's experience and understanding of the spiritual and material world. By combining humanity with life, nature and the universe, Xinyi portrays the inner self-experience of human beings through their own aesthetics and philosophy.

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